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Morningside College's Archives

Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 08 (1944-04)


Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 08 (1944-04)


Morningside College


Archives (3rd Floor)


The Morningsider was a monthly newsletter that Morningside College sent to Alumni to keep them informed about what was happening on campus and in the lives of other alumni. The Morningsider Volume 02, Number 08 was published for the month of April in 1944.

The condition of this issue is near perfect, with only a few minor flaws to it. The biggest is the crease in the middle of the pages, which indicates that the issue had been folded in half and then kept that way for a long time. Otherwise, there are normal wear and tear issues of slight tears and wearing of pages, but overall the condition is almost perfect.

Table Of Contents

When you come to he Fifties Anniversary...-pg. 1
Miss Mills-pg. 1
Sioux Queen-pg. 2
Miss Mills (continued from page 1)-pg. 2
Alumni Sponsor 50-Year Program-pg. 2
Coaches Commissioned-pg. 2
Wee Morningsiders-pg. 2
Make Reservations for Reunions-pg. 3
Reunion Alumni concert On Anniversary Program-pg. 3
Professors Listed in Science Annual-pg. 3
Plan Dedication Service-pg. 3
Lyle Gilbert Dean of Music School-pg. 3
Robert Rae Ordained-pg. 3
Bean Shower Provokes comment-pg. 3
Engagements-pg. 3
Campus Visitors-pg. 3
Morningsiders Win Commissions-pg. 4
Campus Activities-pg. 4
Remember When?-pg. 4
Two Morningside Seniors Honored-pg. 4
Marriages-pg. 4
Commissioned-pg. 4
Writes from China-pg. 4
Class Notes-pg. 5
Capt. Ralph Brown Killed in Plane Crash-pg. 5
Notes from the Mail-pg. 5
Attention Service Men!-pg. 6
Missing in Action-pg. 6
Tom McHale is Prisoner-pg. 6
Meet in New Hebrides-pg. 6
Military Notes-pg. 6
Cartoonist Promoted-pg. 6
Trustee Nomination Ballot-pg. 6
Service Notes-pg. 7
Gold STar List-pg. 7
L. Bromstrom Killed in Action-pg. 7
Former Students in Service-pg. 7
For Morningside War Service Records-pg. 8


Morningside College

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8 Pages
9 Inches x 12 Inches




Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningsider-Vol02-No-08_MDC_1944-04_01-01_02.pdf (Web Version)
Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 01 Scans >Morningsider-Vol02-No-08_MDC_1944-04_01-01_01.pdf (Original Version)

Original Format



Morningsider Volume 02 Number 08 (1944-04)



Morningside College, “Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 08 (1944-04),” Morningside College's Archives, accessed July 14, 2024,