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Morningside College's Archives

Morningsider: Volume 09, Number 05 (1951-01)


Morningsider: Volume 09, Number 05 (1951-01)


Morningside College: Creator


Archives (3rd Floor)


The Morningsider was a monthly newsletter that Morningside College sent to Alumni to keep them informed about what was happening on campus and in the lives of other alumni. The Morningsider Volume 09, Number 05 was published for the month of January in 1951.

This edition has seen better days and isn't in good condition at all. There is writing all over the back cover, and also spots/smudges along the cover's binding. There's also a crease in the middle of the pages, indicating that it had been folded in half and kept that way for a long time. There is also a crease going the other way, horizontally, which suggests that it had been folded up for a bit, but then unfolded. Where the crease is, on the back cover, is extremely worn down and discolored. The covers are also half way torn away from the binding. The issue is fine without these problems, but these concerns are also more major than minor.

Table Of Contents

Yule Festivities-pg. 1
Congratulations!-pg. 1
Celebrate 25th Anniversary-pg. 1
Our College Crisis-pg. 1
Five and Ten Year Clubs-pg. 2
Visitor's Register-pg. 3
Waymack Expresses Views-pg. 3
Morningsiders in Servicepg. 3
Marriages-pg. 4
Lee Strain Writes-pg. 4
Wee Morningsiders-pg. 4
In Memoriam-pg. 4
Guests in Washington-pg. 5
Tribute to Coach Hollister-pg. 5
John W, Hollister-pg. 5
Class Notes-pg. 5
Basketball Summary-pg. 7
Morningside--N.D.U.-pg. 7
Morningside--S.D.S.-pg. 7
Iowa Teachers--Morningside-pg. 7
Maroon Contenders for North Central Championship-pg. 7
L.E. Committee Expanded-pg.8
Attention-pg. 8
Unknown Morningsiders-pg. 8
Corrections-pg. 8


Morningside College

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8 Pages
9 Inches x 12 Inches




Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningside-College-Bulletin-No05_MDC_1951-01_01-01_01.pdf (Original Version)
Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningside-College-Bulletin-No05_MDC_1951-01_01-01_02.pdf (Web Version)

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Morningsider: Volume 9, Number 5 (1951-01)



Morningside College: Creator, “Morningsider: Volume 09, Number 05 (1951-01),” Morningside College's Archives, accessed July 17, 2024,