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Morningside College's Archives

Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 03 (1943-11)


Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 03 (1943-11)


Morningside College: Creator


Archives (3rd Floor)


The Morningsider was a monthly newsletter that Morningside College sent to Alumni to keep them informed about what was happening on campus and in the lives of other alumni. The Morningsider Volume 02, Number 03 was published for the month of November in 1943.

This issue is in fair condition with only a few minor concerns. The biggest of these is the crease in the middle of the pages, which suggests that the issue had been folded in half and then kept like that for a very long time. And because of this crease, there are rips and tears along both edges of it, and also discoloring of the pages along the crease (though no text is rendered illegible by this). But, overall, this edition is in fine condition.

Table Of Contents

Basketball Dropped for Duration-pg. 1
Legendary Landmark Being Razed-pg. 1
"Big chief Heap Happy"-pg. 1
Laura C. Fischer-pg. 1
College Barn Being Rebuilt-pg. 1
Cadets Interested in Morningside History-pg. 1
Class Notes-pg. 2
Meet Major Haakinson-pg. 2
Marriages-pg. 2
Lilian Pickersgill and Orville Lee Meet in Alaska-pg. 2
Morningside College Alumni and Former Students in Service-pg. 3
Engagements-pg. 3
Morningside Campus From the Air-pg. 4
Shubert Alley-pg. 4
Alumnae Zets Meet-pg. 4
Campus Briefs-pg. 4
Service Roll Ready Soon-pg. 4
Annual Reunion Dinner in Des Moines-pg. 5
Former Singers Here on Chicago Radio Programs-pg. 5
More Hintonites?-pg. 5
Campus Visitors-pg. 5
Wee Morningsiders-pg. 5
"Rear Seat" Comment-pg. 5
Women in Service-pg. 5
Conservatory Do Re Mi-pg. 5
Marion Anderson Concert Thrills Audience-pg. 5
Deaths-pg. 5
Send Names-pg. 5
Service Notes-pg. 6
Our Boys Return from Overseas-pg. 6
For Morningside War Service Records-pg. 6


Morningside College

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6 Pages
9 Inches x 12 Inches




Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningside-College-Bulletin-No3_MDC_1943-11_01-01_01.pdf (Original Version)
Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningside-College-Bulletin-No3_MDC_1943-11_01-01_02.pdf (Web Version)

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Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 03 (1943-11)



Morningside College: Creator, “Morningsider: Volume 02, Number 03 (1943-11),” Morningside College's Archives, accessed June 3, 2023,