Morningside's Historic Photographs


Morningside's Historic Photographs


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Hickman-Johnson-Furrow Library


This collection features a vast array of photographs of Morningside College, its students, faculty and staff, and various events through the College's long history. Make sure to sort by subjects or tags to narrow the photographs to a specific time period, event, organization or person.


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Items in the Morningside's Historic Photographs Collection

Wake Up America!
Photograph of the "Wake Up, America!" Radio Forum Broadcast on the Blue Network.

M'side College Cheerleaders of 1946
A photograph of Morningside College Cheerleaders that was published in the 1946 Sioux yearbook on page 100. The students featured: Severson, Wood, Ferris, Johnson and Riebhoff.

Alpha Tau Delta Students on a Ladder
A photograph of four Alpha Tau Delta students holding up letters while standing on a ladder. It was taken in February of 1951.

Practicing Programming in New Micro Computer Lab
"Morningside College senior, Marlene Ruffcorn, of Onawa, Iowa, is practicing basic programming on one of several computers in the new micro computer lab on campus."

Walking Down a Hallway for the Hanging of the Greens
Six women are pictured walking down a hallway for Morningside College's "Hanging of the Greens" ceremony.

Morningside Aeronautics and Aviation Club
Members of the Aeronautics and Aviation club pose outside by Lewis Hall.

Eight Students Hanging the Greens
Eight Morningside Alumni women participate in the Hanging of the Greens circa. 1950.

Freshman-Sophomore Day Tug of War
A group of six men wearing swimsuits are playing tug of war in a river. It is part of the annual Freshman-Sophomore Day events.

Coach Pritula and the Football Team
Coach Pritula shows the Morningside football team how to do some exercises. This photograph was featured in the 1949 Sioux, Morningside College's student yearbook, on page 68.

Portrait Photograph of College Vice President Ruth Green
Portrait photograph of Ruth Green, former Vice President of Morningside College. On the back is written "Ruth Green Vice President Retired 1994?"

Morningside College Women's Basketball Team Photo
The 1985 Women's Basketball team posing for their team photo

Portrait Photograph of Professor Anges B. Ferguson
Portrait of Anges B. Fergusen, chair of the Morningside College German Department during World War One. She briefly left the college to work for the US government in 1917-1918.

YMCA American Expeditionary Force Dog Tags for Herbert G. and Pearl R. Cambell
A pair of dog tags worn by Morningside College professor Herbert G. Cambell and his wife, Pearl. The Cambells did relief work in France with the YMCA during 1917.

Portrait of Professor Herbert G. Cambell
Portrait of Professor Herbert G. Cambell, former Vice President and Philosophy Professor at Morningside College. Professor Cambell and his wife made many trips to Europe and other parts of the world. During World War One they went to Europe to help…

Photo of the Students' Army Training Corps Mess Hall Interior
Interior photo of the mess hall built for the Students' Army Training Corps in 1918. The SATC students were housed and fed in 4 buildings built in late 1918. Morningside College was one of 400 institutions chosen by the War Department to host an SATC…

Photo of the Students' Army Training Corps Barracks Buildings
Exterior photo of the Barracks built in 1918 to house the 200 students of the Students' Army Training Corps unit at Morningside College. Morningside was one of 400 institutions selected to host a SATC unit. The SATC was demobilized in December of…

Portrait of Lieutenant Harry Brown, Commander of the Students' Army Training Corps Unit
Portrait of Lieutenant Harry H. Brown. Lt. Brown was assigned by the War Department to lead Morningside's Students' Army Training Corps in 1918, during World War One. After the SATC was demobilized by the US government, Lt. Brown stayed at…

Photo of Albert E. Behmer, Class of 1919, in Football Gear
Photo of Albert E. Behmer in his football gear during his time at Morningside College. Behmer was a star quarterback on the college's football team and active in track and baseball as well. He was a popular figure on campus before joining the US Army…

Photo of Wilson Clark, Class of 1917
Photo of Morningside Student Wilson Clark, class of 1917. Clark is pictured in his football gear. He volunteered for the military just after the United States entered World War One and served as an ambulance driver in France.

Portrait of President Alfred E. Craig
Portrait of Morningside College President Alfred E. Craig. Craig served as president from 1911 until 1918. He was known as a devout Methodist and staunch Progressive.

"Pro" Baseball Scholarship Description Document
Scholarship made in order to honor a legendary coach by Paul Splittorff.

Photo of Charles Fry
Photo of Morningside Student Charles Fry, class of 1918. Fry was President of his class in 1917. He served in the US Army in 1918, and died from the Spanish Influenza at Camp Dodge in October, 1918. The original photo was a photo negative, this copy…

Front of Charles City Hall in 1993
Photograph of the Charles City Hall building on Morningside College's campus in 1993.

Students on the Step of Charles City Hall
A picture showing students standing on the steps outside of Charles City Hall with a tree covering obstructing the view.