Morningsider: Volume 7, Number 03 (1948-11)


Morningsider: Volume 7, Number 03 (1948-11)


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The Morningsider was a monthly newsletter that Morningside College sent to Alumni to keep them informed about what was happening on campus and in the lives of other alumni. The Morningsider Volume 7, Number 03 was published for the month of November in 1948.

The condition of this issue is near pristine, with only one flaw, albeit a minor one. There is a crease in the issue, suggesting that it had been folded in half and then kept that way for a long while. But other than that the issue is in perfect condition.

Table Of Contents

Enthusiastic Crowd Attends '48 Homecoming- pg. 1
Ione Prescott- pg. 1
Reunion Luncheons- pg. 1
Colorful Parade- pg. 1
Services at Grace Church- pg. 1
Football Game is Battle Royal- pg. 1
Many Newcomers Welcomed to Faculty- pg. 2
Moss- pg. 2
Droullard- pg. 2
Hunsinger- pg. 2
Lampl- pg. 2
Nydegger- pg. 2
New English Head- pg. 2
Sioux's Wanted- pg. 2-3
Morningside 50-Year Committee- pg. 3
Wee Morningsiders- pg. 4
Marriages- pg. 4
Campus Visitors- pg. 4
Class Notes- pg. 4
Order Your Favorite Magazines Through the Morningside College (Alumni) Association- pg. 5
Summarizing the 1948 Football Season- pg. 6
Tau Delts' Homecoming Whale- pg. 6
Maroon Pepsters- pg. 6
Morningside College Basketball Schedule 1948-1949- pg. 6
Football Scores of 1948 Season- pg. 6
In Memoriam- pg. 6
Living Endowment Committee Meets- pg. 7
Des Moines Reunion- pg. 7
Morningsider Directory- pg. 7-8
Tradition- pg. 8


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