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Morningside College's Archives

Morningsider: Volume 21, Number 02 (1962-12)


Morningsider: Volume 21, Number 02 (1962-12)
Morningside's Twelve Year Blueprint Progress Report No. 4


Morningside College: Creator


Archives (3rd Floor)


The Morningsider was a monthly newsletter that Morningside College sent to Alumni to keep them informed about what was happening on campus and in the lives of other alumni. The Morningsider Volume 21, Number 02 was published for the month of December in 1962.

This issue has pencil markings on the cover.

Table Of Contents

Morningside College will be what we make it
Organization of the Board of Trustees of Morningside College
Administrative Officers of Morningside College- pg. 1
..faculty activities- pg. 2
The Morningside Review- pg. 3
Language Lab Now in use- pg. 3
Salary Budget 1950-1963- pg. 3
Faculty Persons With P.D.- pg. 3
Effective Utilization of College Teaching Resources- pg. 4
Student Area Academic Standards- pg. 5
Freshman Testing Results- pg. 5
National Percentile Rank- pg. 5
Enrollment-Retention Chart- pg. 5
Special Summer Admission Program- pg. 5
Presidential Scholarships- pg. 6
Student Loan Program- pg. 6
Iowa High School Graduating Classes- pg. 6
Morningside College Student Council- pg. 7
Student Housing- pg. 7
Morningside College Choir Tour- pg. 8
New Programs- pg. 9
United Nations Semester- pg. 9
Wills and Estates- pg. 9
Endowment Fund Goal-$15,000,000- pg. 9
Endowment Fund- pg. 9
Buildings and Capital Improvements- pg. 10-11
Existing Buildings- pg. 11
New Proposed Fine Arts Buildings- pg. 11
Chapel- pg. 12
Vespers- pg. 12
Convocations- pg. 12
1961-62 Vesper Series 1962-1963- pg. 12
Church-College Relationship- pg. 13
Summer School Doubles in Enrollment- pg. 13
Educational Assistants in the Local Church- pg. 13
International Student Program- pg. 14
The African Student Program- pg. 14-15
International House- pg. 15
Financial Condition- pg. 16
Financial Area- pg. 16
Morningside College Operating Statement- pg. 17
Alumni Support- pg. 18
Methodist Church Contribution 1950-1962- pg. 18
Physical Plant Value-12 Year Blueprint- pg. 18
Total Gift Support- pg. 18
the next immediate moves at Morningside- pg. 19
Dr. Allen Jackson Appointed Acting Dean of Morningside- pg. 20
The Continuing Purpose of this College- pg. 21


Morningside College

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22 Pages
9 Inches x 12 Inches




Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningsider-Vol21-No-02_MDC_1962-12_01-01_01.pdf (Original Version)
Archives HD > MDC - Morningsider > Version 02 Scans > Morningsider-Vol21-No-02_MDC_1962-12_01-01_02.pdf (Web Version)


Morningsider: Volume 21, Number 02 (1962-12)



Morningside College: Creator, “Morningsider: Volume 21, Number 02 (1962-12),” Morningside College's Archives, accessed June 15, 2024,